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Transforming the lives of people since 1959

  • APD endeavours to enrich the lives of people with disabilities, advancing them to an even platform from where they can access rightful opportunities, justice and social engagement.

  • APD is the only organisation since 2003 which has various comprehensive, structured and community-based rehabilitation programs for people with spinal cord injuries (PSCI).

  • APD’s Early Intervention Program aims to identify disability and malnutrition at the initial stages and provide suitable aids and a holistic treatment.

  • APD's Education program is focused on creating a mainstream, inclusive environment where infrastructure, physical and learning ability are no longer barriers in their academic progress.

  • Livelihood initiatives are designed to prepare persons with disability in the age-group 18-35, by providing vocational skills training, career guidance, placement support.

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Give Wings to the Dreams of a Differently Abled Child

Let us give them this chance. Let us give wings to their dreams.

The Association of People with Disability India are proud to be part of a team that helps realise the hopes, dreams and ambitions of those who need just a little extra support. So far, APD India and its tireless team has helped over 500,000 people and we don't intend to stop. Working with underprivileged children with disabilities, we believe that every child is special and talented that is just looking for a chance. Let us give them this chance. Let us give wings to their dreams.

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  • It's great to know that APD is doing a enormous work in the field of Disability and reaching out to People with Disabilities from both urban and rural areas to help them to be exposed to right opportunities through their impactful interventions. Capgemini is delighted to partner with APD for supporting the Horticulture center and reaching out to beneficiaries as part of our CSR projects.

    -- Capgemini
  • Walkabout Foundation's mission is to restore dignity, freedom and independence by providing wheelchairs in the developing world and funding research to find a cure for paralysis. We are proud to have partnered with APD since 2014 in providing high quality wheelchair services to over 500 beneficiaries and we are also delighted to partner on their Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation programme to provide SCIs with high quality rehabilitation and vocational opportunities to remove the barriers from them leading life to the full.

    -- Walkabout Foundation
  • Titan's CSR team has partnered with many NGO partners in the space of skilling and we find APD extremely nice to work with. The entire body of work that is being done to help the disabled is truly exceptional. The attitude of the staff and their efficiency levels are worth appreciating. As an organization, APD is ever open to new ideas which is very encouraging. We wish APD great success in all that it has set out to do.

    -- Titan
  • The landscape industry in Bangalore has always had a dearth of trained horticultural workers. The horticultural training program conducted by the Association of People with Disability ( APD) has to a large extent tried to fill this void. We are indebted to Ms Hema , whose vision it was to provide training to the Physically Challenged in the field of Horticulture and who painstakingly strove to make it a great success. We at Earthline Services Private Limited have benefited immensely from this program. Having engaged with the trained gardeners in our various projects, it has been a learning process for us, in addition to, providing quality service to our clients. However we wish to state that more trained personnel are required and we hope that APD would step up to the challenge and increase its trainee base. We wish to note that the support we have obtained from the Administrative and Training staff , the Board and the Staff of APD have made this journey a very special one
    -- Earthline service Private Limited
  • We at GreenMyLife have employed more than 10 gardeners from APD and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them. Their focus on the task at hand, attention to detail, sincerity and enthusiasm at work is unmatchable. APD is doing a wonderful job by rehabilitating disabled youth, arming them with vocational trainings and teaching them to life with respect. Training them in Horticulture is a big plus and has many advantages - working with soil and plants is therapeutic, employability is high as there's always a demand for good gardeners, this creates a good pool of gardeners with an actual knowledge of plant propagation, plant maintenance etc, and Organic ways of gardening is taught to them thereby promoting sustainable solutions. I wouldn't call them disabled at all - they are the most able among my workforce and I plan to recruit many more employees from APD. As entrepreneurs and business leaders, it is our duty to recruit more of them so that we can bring them into mainstream jobs so that the differences are slowly erased and acceptance from the society is increased...
    -- GreenMyLife
  • APD is a long-term partner for Mindtree whose expertise is admirable in reaching the
    un-reachable through their robust delivering strategy and a dedicated last-mile connectivity
    team. APD helps to intervene in social challenges at the bottom most part of the economic
    pyramid. Mindtree is very proud to be associated with APD.

    -- Mindtree

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