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Therapeutic care is an essential part of the rehabilitation process that helps in regaining strength, relearning skills or finding new ways to perform day-to-day activities.

APD’s Therapy division focuses on an integrated therapy approach that is geared to help beneficiaries achieve independent mobility and functional ability to their fullest potential.

APD offers various forms of therapeutic intervention including:

  • Physiotherapy– The mainstay of the therapeutic process that involves manual therapy, exercise and electrophysical intervention along with health promotion and rehabilitation for correction and support of most movement difficulties.
  • Hydrotherapy– A fun activity for children that helps in overall development of physical fitness and health, improves movements, stretching, breathing, balance, co-ordination and control.
  • Massage Therapy– For children with CP, this helps improve circulation and reduce spasticity, improves muscle tone, flexibility and general health.
  • Speech Therapy– Oromotor stimulation and speech therapy improves communication
  • Visual Therapy– Designed to develop the child’s creativity through activities like visual arts, painting, music, dance and storytelling. Through individualized goals, the child is stimulated across multiple dimensions to realize balance and release all interferences.

APD’s offers therapy services at the institution’s headquarters in Bengaluru as well as extensive rural and urban community therapy Program. It also manages a highly specialized programme for people with Spinal Cord Injury.

Apart from therapeutic services, APD also offers several related training Program, aiming to disseminate its expertise and skill across the community.

Institutional Intervention

At the APD centre in Bengaluru, experienced therapists conduct detailed assessments and prescribe home based or centre based therapy needs, assistive devices or surgical referrals. APD’s counsellors actively engage parents and caregivers in the therapy process. Periodical reassessment is conducted to determine further therapy, educational or livelihood training needs.

Nearly 2000 people were supported with various therapeutic interventions in 2010.

The centre also engages in capacity building by supporting several NGOs in Karnataka, AP and TN, conducts school awareness Program and trains members of the APD State Disability Collective, parents, CBR workers, community teachers, animators and government health workers on rehabilitation and disability management. Therapy courses and student workshops develop skills that are often deployed in other NGOs, community Program or APD initiatives.

Rural and Urban Community Therapy Program

Around a person with disability is a community that includes parents and caregivers, disability workers and aides, government health officials and NGOs, teachers and volunteers.

APD’s endeavour to take rehabilitation therapy to the community manifests in rigorous rural and urban community therapy programs such as weekly Taluk clinics in Magadi and Bangarapet and orientation Program in Davangere, Bijapur and Chikkaballapur districts of Karnataka.

Dedicated teams work in several remote centres on capacity building, training and sensitizing the community through:

  • Identification and assessment
  • Therapy support
  • Rehabilitation planning
  • Development of community rehabilitation centres
  • Expanding services in local government hospitals and schools through community clinics
  • Training officials and health department workers to deal with disability issues
  • Integration exercises
  • Awareness Program for children and
  • Communication of rights under the disability act.

Parents, caregivers and home based volunteers are sensitized and trained to support children with severe and multiple disabilities and encouraged to access APD services at Community Rehabilitation Centres. In many cases, children are supported with assistive devices or referred for corrective surgeries after which APD has provided post-operative care and mobility support.

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