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APD’s Assistive Devices unit has been producing custom aids and appliances, since 1982, to meet the emerging needs of persons with disability.

About 3000 PWDs assessed by the internal therapy unit or identified in rural or special orthopaedic camps, are provided each year with devices that help them improve their mobility, recover from injury, perform basic ADLs, regain their independence and restore dignity to their lives.

The extent of the problem in India is highlighted in the NSS 58th Round report (2002). It estimates that only just over 20% of PWDs had ever been advised on aids and appliances. Less than 16% actually acquired any assistive devices.


APD’s production unit designs light weight assistive devices like knee ankle foot orthoses, ankle foot orthoses, spinal braces, prostheses (artificial limbs), crutches, footwear, walkers, tricycles, wheelchairs, multipurpose chairs and home assistive devices.

Extended Reach

Through partnerships with several European vendors like Motivation, Endolite and Otto Bock, APD is also able to bring to beneficiaries in India, high technology assistive devices including modern prostheses and specialized wheelchairs, that are mainly assembled and custom fitted at the unit in Bangalore. Hearing aids are also offered through the partnership with Siemens. This programme provides training and sustainability support to several NGOs in the southern states to build capacity and provide wider reach, especially in non-urban centres.

Home Accessibility

APD also provides aids required to create a barrier free home environment for people with severe disability.

Devices such as bars and rails, specialized seats, modified western commodes, mobility equipment, transfer assists etc are made available to people who face challenges in navigating around their home or performing ADLs.

Where required, APD has helped provide ramps at the doorway for mobility of the severely disabled and worked with local authorities to level access roads to support wheelchair movement.

Orthotic Units

Helping the community help itself

At Kolar, APD has helped disabled entrepreneurs establish an orthotic devices workshop. APD will provide both training and financial assistance for a period of 3 years. A second unit is due to be opened in Davangere.

APD also supports an NGO in Coorg to make and distribute assistive devices, having sponsored their staff for a 1 year programme in the manufacture of aids and appliances.

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