Shradhanjali Integrated School (SIS)

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The back ground

  • Bangalore Urban has a very high drop-Out rate of Children with Disability from mainstream schools. Sarva Siksha Abhyan (SSA) estimates a mere 25% of those who start out in Class I, stay on in school, till Class X.
  • Un-enrolled Children with Disability constitute a large number in Bangalore Urban. SSA statistics of 2009-2012 show that of the 10,421 CWDs identified, only 4,110 are enrolled.
  • Bangalore Urban accounts for 1/5th of Karnataka’s Children with Disability appearing for the SSLC Examination (1,562 out of the state’s total of 7,816, in 2012), according to the Education Board of Karnataka.
  • The failure rate of Children with Disabilities in the SSLC Examination is higher than the success rate. According to the Education Board of Karnataka, the ratio is 52:48

Why inclusive education or SSP is best for Children with disability?

  • All parents want their children to be accepted by their peers, have friends and lead “regular” lives. Inclusive settings can make this vision a reality for many children with disabilities.
  • It has been substantially proven that it is critical for children with disability to have common facilities and provisions as normal children. Children develop a positive understanding of themselves, others and learn important academic skills.
  • Awareness & sensitivity to differences will only be possible if all children live, learn & play together & understanding sharing & collaboration.
  • Inclusive Education is therefore, a whole education system development, each enriching the other.

Initiatives Required

  1. A structural change needed to include children with disabilities in order to put their Acts of Legislation into place
  2. Schools without architectural barriers
  3. Restructured curriculum
  4. Modified examination system
  5. Scholarships for the benefit of these children.
  6. Special training given to general teachers in Mainstream schools
  7. Inclusive classrooms in community, State, Municipal & private schools
  8. Education aids, toys for children with disability.

The Objectives of School Support Program as follows

  1. Engage specialists to provide inputs in managing special needs of these children with severe and multiple disabilities.
  2. Assess all the children with disability to provide education, therapeutic and Assistive Device and psychological assessment to the children.
  3. Network specialists with mainstream teachers to support the mainstream schools, sensitize and train school teachers so that they are sufficiently equipped and motivated to teach these children once they are admitted to normal schools
  4. Support Children with Disability in persisting in mainstream schools till they pass their SSLC Examination.
  5. Set up resource centers for children with disability in all the model schools to access the services
  6. To provide technical expertise & resource materials to enhance main stream schools to become disabled friendly in their local communities.
  7. To enhance the understanding on disability among peers & support staffs of schools to create positive atmosphere for both children with disability & without disability.
  8. To enhance main stream schools to become barrier free schools for all children with disability to feel free & comfortable in the process of education.
  9. By ensuring the above support APD wish to make main stream schools as model school within the community & to be recognized by general public & local government.
  10. Extra language support in English/Kannada/Hindi
  11. Math’s (Number concept etc)
  12. Cultural Activities (Music, Theatre, Dancing, Painting- The objective is to engage severely disabled children in outdoor activities as generally they hesitate/shy to participate due to their disability, Secondly the above activities benefits them physically as it’s a form of Art-therapy)
  13. Sports/Fun games.
  14. Assisting APD/School staff in exposure visits, outings/excursion within or nearby Bangalore.