Ms. Mamatha Esteves

Deputy Director – Administration/Procurement/HT Self Generation in APD. She will be reporting to Director – HR & Support Functions.

Mamatha began her career at a young and impressionable age with rural community development for more than twenty years focusing on socio-political and economic developmental issues. On a professional and a personal level, she shares a deep affinity for the protection and advancement of the vulnerable demography specifically women, children and the disabled.

She was given an opportunity to work in Tech Mahindra Foundation in 2009. With her abilities to handle the operations independently, she led ‘development models of CSR intervention in Chennai and Bhubaneswar in Tech Mahindra Foundation . In the more recent times, as a consultant, she has widened her outlook and approach towards addressing difficult and varied issues concerning NGOs and CSRs.

We are confident that with her experience and passion, our Administration, Procurement function & HT Self Generation Program’ approach and efforts will further be strengthened under her able guidance & Leadership.

On the personal front, she is from Sahakar Nagar and has been living in Bangalore from long years. She has one daughter. She is interested in adventure, trucking, travelling & watching movies.

Let us welcome Ms. Mamatha and wish her a very fruitful and rich tenure in APD !