Women Empowerment Project

Women Empowerment
(Project Sabala)

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About 44% of people with disabilities are women. They have limited opportunities and are denied most of their basic rights. The result is lack of self-confidence. These women have little or no exposure to the outside world and hence have not explored their work potential. In addition to this, limited rehabilitation support is a hindrance in the path to self-sustenance.

The Horticulture Training Center at APD has worked with and trained several people to manage women with disabilities. We have a secure environment and facilities like accommodation for these women. Horticultural training is therapeutic and the women are also exposed to other aspects of horticulture like sales, business activities, money management and inter-personal skills.

Our Objective

To empower women with disabilities with the help of rehabilitation and vocational training so they can become independent and earn their own livelihood.

Road Map

  • Rehabilitation: Women with disabilities are given life skills training about understanding themselves, and their own potential. They are also taught to deal with emotions and manage stress better. Women with disabilities are low on self-esteem - here they are taught the importance of courage, to be open to new situations, and the effects of positive thinking.
  • Training: The women are taught communication and interpersonal skills; they are trained to listen actively and respond assertively. They are also given courses in basic gardening and social skills so that when they face social problems, they know how to resolve issues.
  • Leadership and empowerment: The women are given a basic knowledge of banking, postal and insurance services in addition to lessons on money management. Those with no formal education are taught reading, writing and basic math. They are also trained on leadership skills and are taught values that can help them hone their skills and become good leaders.
  • Setting life goals: The women feel empowered with their renewed self-esteem by the end of their training. Based on their knowledge and skills, they can set their own life goals. They are given guidance on how to choose a career path and excel in it.

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