Guru Prasad S

Assistant Director – Education

This outreach program aimed to empowering individuals and their families to become independent in managing disability in their own communities.

Mr. Guru has been involved in developing a new program called Resource Support to Organizations to promote disability development work in Karnataka both in institutions and communities through NGOs and institutions.

He now runs the comprehensive Education programs in Bangalore Urban, Chikkaballapur, Davanagere and Bijapur districts of Karnataka and is responsible for evolving, planning and managing different rural and institutional initiatives that is aimed at ensuring effective and appropriate opportunities in education, medical rehabilitation, skills training, employment for persons with disabilities.

His overall responsibility is for directing & managing of all education Programmes of APD institutional, Districts and RSO’s to ensure efficient, effective & appropriate education opportunities for children with disabilities to achieve inclusion in society.

Over the years he has participated in several symposia and presented papers on CBR approaches & practices, Promotion of inclusion of persons with disability. He also facilitated various training programs on development, project planning and Monitoring & Evaluations. He also serves as a guest lecturer for CBR courses from the Bangalore University through CBR Network.

He is a Common Purpose graduate and leader in the Landmark Forum.