Deafness is not a barrier for driving vehicles!!!

Most of the time we face a question from deaf community, can we eligible to get driving license? So our answer to the community is YES. Before 2011 in India deaf people were not supported to get driving license because of various reasons like road safety, Indian roads have dense vehicle population, the pattern of driving is also mix. Besides, there is also lack of traffic discipline. While using the roads, it is predominantly required to give audio signal to the vehicles around to caution other drivers or for giving way etc. but it discriminated against merely on the basis of their disability! Against to this National Association of the Deaf (NAD) filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in Delhi High Court. On 14th February 2011, the double bench of Delhi High Court delivered their judgment

In the judgment that offers a glimmer of hope to deaf persons keen to drive, the Delhi high court permitted them to apply for a driving license but said they will have to clear all conditions of the Motor Vehicles Act to get a license. Disposing of the PIL, division bench refused to make any special privilege for the deaf in getting a license and said if they are able to fulfill all the criteria’s mandated as per law the government should issue them licenses.

"We are obliged to certify that if an applicant is totally deaf, he has to be called for the test if he applies for a learner's license without medical certificate and if he passes the test as required under the rule, then he shall be granted the learner's license as that is the statutory requirement," the bench noted.

By- Babu Nejakar Senior Executive-RSO