Zareena Begum
Nature of disability:
Cerebral palsy
Educational qualification:
Class 10

Background: Zareena has cerebral palsy which makes day to day mobility very difficult. She lives with her family in Bangalore and studies at one of APD’s model schools. Our SSP team played a key role in enabling her to appear for her Class 10 competitive examinations. From visiting the child’s home to making her parents aware of her rights to complete her basic education, the SSP has guided Zareena through.

APD intervention: The SSP team personally met with the school personnel to ensure Zareena got her hall ticket and a scribe to help her write her examinations. She not only appeared for the examinations, she also completed Class 10 with flying colors. APD will continue to support and encourage her to pursue her higher education and help her secure a good job through our career guidance and placement unit.