Shivana Gowda
Nature of disability:
Polio (locomotor disability)
Educational qualification:
Foundation Training

Background: Shivana Gowda is 24 years old and was affected by Polio at the age of 3. He is one of 7 siblings and has received education up to Class 10.

APD intervention: He was recognized by an APD partner. He attended a 1-day workshop conducted by APD and expressed his interest in further education making a career in computers. He was chosen for the 3-month foundation course and 1-month pre-employment training at APD. He was given life skills inputs that gave him a new perspective in life.

He is placed in a reputed organization as a customer service associate. He has become independent and is happy to support his family economically.

Future plan: He wants to work hard and get promoted for a better job so that he and his family members can lead a happy life.