Poornima J
Nature of disability:
Speech and hearing impairment
Educational qualification:
ITI Pass

Background: Poornima was born with a speech and hearing impairment. She was born in Mysore and is one of three siblings. She felt insecure during her formative years and feared going to school. At the age of 8, she overcame this and went to a school for children with speech and hearing impairment and completed her basic education till Class X.

Her family is highly supportive of her education and is determined to help her get a diploma.

APD intervention: Poornima’s school was very effective in preparing her for both carrier and life skills. They attended to all her doubts in class and even helped her join the APD course. She has successfully completed her ITI-E/M course in APD. She scored 538 out of 700 marks in ITI. She was also provided with additional inputs on AutoCAD.

Currently, she is with Oricon stabilizers. She was prepared for placement through pre-employment training and got selected through it.

Future plan: She is very happy working in Mysore as she likes to be with family. She would like to grow in the field of electronics and get a government job.