Nature of disability:
Post Polio Residual Paralysis
Educational qualification:

Parashivappa is affected by Post Polio Residual Paralysis - a condition that affects approximately 25–50% of people who have previously contracted poliomyelitis - a viral infection of the nervous system.

Parashivappa tells us about the time he first wheeled in to APD. It was a time when he lacked the courage and confidence to move forward in life. He felt like a lost soul without any goals or aspirations, believing there wasn’t much he could do with his life due to his disability.

Through careful guidance and nurturing at APD, Parashivappa started to develop a strong confidence backed by a new found thirst for success. He soon underwent training in Electronic Mechanic Trade at APD and passed his AITT in July 2000.

His hopes to become a businessman have now been replenished.

Parashivappa used to love reading books, he thought of them as family as they brought him happiness. He soon channeled all his energy in to his passion for books and decided to open a book store.

On August 11th 2002, Parashivappa opened his very own book publication and distribution store. His store now holds books of various genres and languages. He even hosts his very own book exhibitions and fairs where he introduces new potential into the industry.

Parashivappa is ever grateful to APD for giving him the chance to succeed at life.