Veerabadre Gowda
Nature of disability:
Educational qualification:

Background: Veerabadre Gowda is a 22 year old with Arthritis. He was normal by birth but at the age of 14, he began to suffer from joint pain and hurt his spinal cord. He was referred for surgery by the physio unit. After the surgery he was unable to walk and hence started using a wheelchair.

APD intervention: Due to his sudden illness he had to drop his education for three years and was idle at home. During that time one of the APD staff referred him to a school to complete Class 10. Later on, to pursue his higher education, he was referred to the APD main campus and was enrolled for the Electronic Mechanic course. During the training period he improved his mobility and got back onto his feet with the regular therapy. He practiced walking with the support of a walker. He was good at studies and actively participated in extra-curricular activities.

After completion of the Electronics Mechanic course, he joined a mobile servicing training and works at a servicing shop. Now he earns and supports his family.