Yallappa Shivappa Basapur
Nature of disability:
Locomotor disability
Educational qualification:
Class 10

Background: Yellappa has a locomotor disability. When he was a year old, he came down with a fever that led to Post Polio Residual Paralysis in his left leg. He is the only son in the family. He has completed his education till Class 10 and due to poor financial conditions was unable to continue studying further. He was looking for a job thereafter but was unable to secure one due to a gap in employment skills.

APD intervention: After his need assessment at the camp, he was encouraged to attend the foundation course at the APD rural unit where he went through a 3-month training course. After that, he has moved to the Hospitality Training section at APD & went through two months of training in partnership with Vasudev Adiga’s Fast Food Pvt Ltd & Presidency College of Hotel Management. During the course, he learnt a few skills such as vegetable cutting, fruit juices, basic sign language, soft skills and personality development. He also learnt about work culture and ethics and gained self-confidence and leadership skills.

Presently he is employed in Vasudev Adiga’s Fast Food Pvt. Ltd at a Mangalore outlet as Assistant Cook. He is happy with his job and has the support of all the employees at Vasudev Adiga’s.