Vision Loss and Blindness: Some Essential Details

The importance of eyes and vision can be gauged by the great importance given to one of the five sense organs by our ancestors:

"sarvendriyanam nayanam pradhanam"

which translates as ‘among the 5 senses of perception, sight (eyes) is the most important.’

Physical Disabilities: Some Essential Details

People with physical disabilities often find themselves discriminated against. They are made fun of, considered inauspicious, and persecuted in everyday life. Thankfully, sustained awareness campaigns have brought about a positive change in society. This is a welcome sign and can go a long way in making the physically disabled wanted and loved.

Mental illness: Some Essential Details

Human mind is complex as it is powerful. Great ideas from men and women have provided the world with a life of comfort and leisure. TV, telephone, automobile, aeroplanes, surgery and life-saving drugs are some of the greatest inventions thought of by great minds. The power of human mind has even managed to land humans on the Moon. Mars is next on the agenda.

Memory Loss: Some Essential Details

In countless Indian language movies, loss of memory and its subsequent regaining used to be a recurring theme. We have all seen countless movies based on the topic in its various flavours. The movies always had a happy ending, with the affected person regaining memory either through a song the family used to sing together in childhood or a miraculous blow to the head that manages to activate the precise part of the brain responsible for managing memory.

Learning Disabilities: Some Essential Details

A person is said to have learning disability if he/she is unable to learn in a typical manner in several areas of functioning. The causes for the condition are yet to be known. However, the affected persons are able to learn in another way - one that is different from the ‘typical manner’ in which majority of the population learns. This distinction is important from the point of view of misconceptions other people may have about the condition.

Intellectual Disabilities: Some Essential Details

Intellectual disability (ID), also known as general learning disability, is a generalized neurodevelopmental disorder. In the past, the condition used to be known as mental retardation (MR). Greatly impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning are the main characteristics of ID. An IQ score below 70, along with a deficiency in two or more adaptive behaviors, otherwise known as everyday skills or tasks that the average person is able to complete.

Autism: Some Essential Details

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder which impedes the ability to interact socially, and hinders speech and nonverbal communication. Restricted and repetitive behavior are also common with autism. The symptoms become visible before the age of 3. In some cases, children go through developmental stages normally before regressing.

Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize. The exact cause for this is yet to be understood.

Bringing Investment in Assisted Technology

Technology - Boon or Bane?

A Welcome Move and an Example for Many

Government takes charge

When governments put their weight behind a project by galvanizing their bureaucracy, by flexing their financial muscle, by organizing conferences and by charting out a definite course of action, more often than not, the program is bound to have a greater chance of success. For, they possess the resources to provide the necessary impetus required for the program to start rolling, sustain the momentum and run sustained campaigns to ensure the success of the project.

Can The Web Be More Accessible To The Blind Community?

Most communications today occur online - be it sending emails, processing payments, organising your schedule or contacting people. If you are an entrepreneur or a professional who largely depends on the internet, navigating through new visual features like drop-down menus, log-in and other options is already considered tricky or difficult. But imagine doing all this with your eyes closed. This is exactly what the web experience seems like for visually impaired users.

Technology: Empowering The Lives Of People With Disabilities

In the quest to make the world a better place for people with disability, an unlikely hero has appeared - technology. Simple technological advances today are creating a world of opportunities for children and adults with disability. Here are four ways in which technology is improving the lives of people with disabilities and making them happier and independent.

Disability Is Not A Curse: Deciphering Disability In Society

Disability, be it physical or mental, has been largely misunderstood by many. While some fail to understand the condition, others might be insensitive to it. Then there are some who believe that disability is a curse.

Is It Right To Call Disability An Affliction?

The words disabled and afflicted are often used in tandem despite the word being considered offensive. The plainest definition of the word afflicted is being limited in one or more ways to function normally, which holds true for many people with disabilities. But why is the word considered undesirable? The answer lies in its origins.

7 Ways Technology Makes A Difference To People With Disability

Today, people with disability no longer consider themselves helpless. Apart from special education and employment programs, a lot of people with disability are choosing to become independent. These 7 technologies help them become just that.

How Creative Pursuits Can Help People With Disability

By definition, creativity means the ability to create something new, unique and never-before seen. However, there is no further explanation to what creativity actually is because it is new and different in every mind. If you have had the image of a brooding artist when you think of creativity think again. Recent studies actually suggest that creative people are happier than others. This means that every kid and adult who spends time in creative pursuits like art, music, theatre, building etc is happier.

I Am Differently Abled, Not Disabled

When a loved one is diagnosed with a medical condition, there are many questions that emerge. What does this mean for their future? Will they cope in the real world? How will your life change after this revelation? How do you deal with someone who is different from others? The term 'disabled' is often associated with people diagnosed with different kinds of mental and physical conditions.

How To Make Your Website Disability Friendly

Making your website disability friendly is a great thing you can do for many of your visitors. The first step is to understand your audience. Take time to learn exactly how a person with mental or physical disabilities goes online. Use these tips to optimise your site.